WbSrch Web Pretraga Directory Inclusion Policy

This is a proprietary search engine, the project of one person. The inclusion, exclusion, and ranking of a site is the opinion (or lack of opinion) of WbSrch's creator, as expressed through code.

We don't want to include the following types of sites:

That doesn't mean that those types of sites won't make it into the search engine. We use an automated crawler and don't look at or screen everything. We can't guarantee these types of sites won't be included, but we'll remove or demote them when we notice they've shown up.

Sometimes a site will be borderline and will not be entirely excluded, but may be ranked lower than other sites in search results.

If you don't like that a site has been specifically excluded from the index, you are welcome to build your own search engine.

It's entirely possible that we'll relax these requirements in the future, but we started this project sick to death of all of the email and comment bot and email spam about pills, porn, warez, gambling, and the like, so that has influenced our inclusion policy.

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